Who are we? Introducing team Mosaic

Introducing the team working behind-the-scenes to bring you new stories each week.

Giles Newton, Editor

Giles oversees all of Mosaic’s output as well as the overall look and feel of the publication, from our website to our social media channels. He also organises the production and publishing schedules, as well as syndication to partners via our Creative Commons licence.

Chrissie Giles, Commissioning Editor

Chrissie commissions, edits and writes stories for Mosaic. She bounces ideas around with the in-house team and freelancers, commissions and edits stories and extras, and manages the production process for this content all the way through to publication.

Mun-Keat Looi, Commissioning Editor

Mun-Keat has a similar role to Chrissie, thinking up, discussing and commissioning new ideas for Mosaic stories, as well as managing a range of stories through the production process and editing them ready for publication. He also oversees Mosaic’s social media channels (on TwitterFacebookInstagramGoogle+Pinterest and Tumblr), any public online discussions that spin-off from Mosaic stories, and manages the Mosaic blog.

Tom Freeman, Copyeditor

Tom is our chief sub-editor and the gatekeeper of good grammar and house style at Mosaic. He checks through our stories for typos, inconsistencies and general sense, often spotting things that other tired editorial eyes have missed. A whiz with headlines, Tom also composed Mosaic’s style guide.

Rob Reddick, Copyeditor

Rob is one of our sub-editors, and like Tom checks the spelling, grammar and style of our stories. He also acts as a fact checker for Mosaic from time to time.

Peta Bell, Art Director

Peta is Mosaic’s Picture Editor and the person responsible for the range of beautiful, thought-provoking imagery accompanying Mosaic pieces. From the very start of a story’s conception, Peta considers what would work best to bring out the essence of the story, grabbing the reader’s attention while also complementing the words. She commissions both photography and original artworks from in-house and freelance photographers and artists.

Penny Bailey, Writer

Penny has been a writer at the Wellcome Trust since 2000. As one of Mosaic’s in-house writers, she seeks out ideas and themes for stories that are both interesting and thought-provoking, that would make the best use of Mosaic’s resources and remit.

Michael Regnier, Writer

Michael is also a writer at the Wellcome Trust. For Mosaic, he is able to report on a wider range of stories in biology and medicine, as well as tracking stories over time – years, in some cases – to follow how they develop.

Barry J Gibb, Film Maker

Barry produces, directs, films and edits documentaries that, in keeping with our remit, ‘explore and explain the science of life’ using a strong visual approach centered on human-driven stories. His web series, Last Chance Saloon, broadcast on Mosaic, has already won an award for 'Outstanding achievement in documentary and lifestyle' at the 2014 Toronto Web Festival.

Chris Chapman, Film Maker

Chris makes films, games, audio and other multimedia for the Wellcome Trust and Wellcome Collection, as well as Mosaic. Like Barry, he produces, directs, films and edits.

Mark Henderson, Editorial Director

Mosaic was Mark’s brainchild and one of the reasons he joined the Wellcome Trust – the chance to create a new publication that would add something interesting, useful and exciting to the media ecosystem was a key part of his proposal in joining as Head of Communications. He oversees Mosaic’s overall direction and tone, feeding in his ideas and experience in communications and 15 years reporting on science for the Times, where he was Science Editor.

You can read more about Mosaic’s staff and contributors on our website’s People pages.