Things we like: October 2014

Our monthly round-up of stories that have got the Mosaic team thinking.

Extra! Extra! … This month’s compendium of interesting stories are all (loosely) based around the idea of story Extras – those interesting titbits that, for whatever reason, didn't make it into the final article/film, or were perhaps produced as standalone elements. We at Mosaic have been producing story Extras – short essays, image galleries and even recipes – that sit alongside our feature stories. We looked at out how other publications display, position and make users aware of similar additional content.

The Fire Lab (The Atlantic)

A fascinating insight into a fire research lab that appears within this feature article. At 9 minutes, the film is perhaps a bit long and distracting to appear at the beginning of a long-form article, but as an accompaniment it's great, featuring stunning images and scientific insight into how fires are studied in a controlled environment.

Ibasyo: a photographer’s response to self-harm in Japan (Aeon Video)
*This film contains images of self-harm

An accompaniment to a photography exhibition and an Aeon article, this short photo film includes a simple interview with the photographer talking about the access he gained, the subjects he encountered and how the experience changed him.

112 Weddings (BBC Storyville)

Not so much an Extra, more of a follow-up. A wedding videographer who attended 112 weddings, returns to interview several couples and find out what has happened to them and their marriages.

My favourite picture of you (Aeon Video)

A moving film on the nature of love and memory. A recorded conversation between an elderly couple who recount their memories, spliced together with photos and home movie footage.

The Reykjavik Confessions (BBC News)

More a spin-off from another production (BBC radio programme Crossing Continents) than an extra, this multimedia longform article uses video and photos to good effect to recount the story of a controversial murder investigation and the nature of memory.

Serial (This American Life)

Another spin-off (from the creators of the hugely successful US radio series This American Life), this serialised audio investigation delves (very deeply) into the case of a young man convicted for the murder of an ex-girlfriend. Each weekly episode reveals more about the complex case and the characters involved. How will it end?

Inconspicuous consumption and I had a stroke at 33 (Buzzfeed)

Finally, nothing to do with Extras, but we enjoyed two longform features recounting powerful stories of personal illness from a first-person perspective.

What stories have caught your eye recently? Do share in the comments.