Contributor corner: Patrick Strudwick

Patrick Strudwick

Patrick Strudwick writes about politics, social issues, health and celebrity for a wide range of titles including The Times, The Independent, The Guardian and the Mail on Sunday. He has won several awards for his interviews and investigative journalism.

Patrick's Mosaic story 'One virus, four lives: the reality of being HIV positive' won the Science Explained category at the 2015 Medical Journalists' Association Winter Awards.

Twitter: @PatrickStrud 

What is your feature about?

Hepatitis C is at a crucial crossroads in its history – we now have new, miraculous cures, but this isn’t enough. So the feature explores the methods doctors are using to try and find the infected, as well as examining how and whether we’re ever going to be able to pay for the new treatments.

What did you learn that you didn't expect?

I had no idea how awful a disease hepatitis C is. I also had no idea how many people are infected with the virus, how badly they suffer, how dreadful the old treatments are and how revolutionary the new ones.

Read Patrick’s feature on Mosaic, from 17 February 2015.