Music to eat bugs by

I often listen to music when I'm working. While I was editing Emily Anthes' piece about eating insects I realised that Throwing MusesBuzz was coming through my earphones. It seemed an apt song to have playing as I read about how mealworms, locusts, bees and more might become an important foodstuff for humans and livestock. I wondered how many more songs (loosely) related to entomophagy we could think of.

So, unleash the earworms: check out our much anticipated, entotaining, locust [low-cost], unbeelievably eclectic playlist here:

Gnaturally this isn't every song with an insecty flavour, so comment below or tweet us on the hashtag #earworms to let us know the creepy crawly hits or acts you'd add.

Thanks @copy_matt, @gileshnewton and @ayasawada for your help!