Fourteen for ’14: get your free Mosaic ebook

As 2014 rapidly approaches its end we wanted to give a little something to our readers - and what more appropriate than a book? 

We’ve taken 14 of the most popular stories from Mosaic’s first year and compiled them into a single anthology, which – in keeping with our ethos – we’re giving away free to download to your favourite ereader. 

Download .epub
Download .mobi (Kindle)

The books are compatible with a Kindle or any other ereader of choice as well as iBooks and other ebook apps.

There is a table of contents in each book (just click ‘contents’ in your ereader to view), but here is what’s included:

  • Arrested development, by Virginia Hughes
  • Blood speaks, by Rose George
  • Can you supercharge your brain?, by Emma Young
  • DIY diagnosis: how an extreme athlete uncovered her genetic flaw, by Ed Yong
  • How malaria defeats our drugs, by Ed Yong
  • Hungary’s cold war with polio, by Penny Bailey
  • Medicine’s dirty secret, by Bryn Nelson
  • The big sleep, by Frank Swain
  • The future of sex?, by Emily Anthes
  • The man who grew eyes, by Moheb Costandi
  • The man with the golden blood, by Penny Bailey
  • The mind readers, by Roger Highfield
  • The mirror man, by Srinath Perur
  • Why do we have blood types?, by Carl Zimmer

All of these stories and more are of course also available to read on our website:

If videos are more your thing, we recommend the boxset of Last Chance Saloon, our 11 episode mini-series following Twink’s musical journey through the brain and mental health. That and more available on our YouTube channel and the Mosaic website.

And if you want more bite-sized reading for your idle holiday moments, check out our #StockingFillerScience advent on Twitter.

We're now finished for the year but will be back on 6 January 2015 when normal service continues with more stories of the science of life every week.

Thanks for reading this year. Happy holidays and a happy new year.