Contributor corner: Ed Yong

Ed YongEd Yong is an award-winning science writer. His blog Not Exactly Rocket Science is hosted by National Geographic, and his work has also appeared in Wired, Nature, the BBC, New Scientist, the Guardian, the Times, Aeon, Discover, Scientific American, The Scientist, the BMJ, Slate, and more. He lives in London with his wife.

Twitter: @edyong209

What is your feature about?

Every time we've developed a major new antimalarial drug, resistant parasites have sprung up from a little corner of western Cambodia. This small region has been a consistent cradle of resistance and it now threatens to undermine our frontline antimalarial drug, the miraculously effective artemisinin. I travelled to Thailand to meet the researchers who have been fighting malaria on the frontlines for decades, and are trying to stop the spread of artemisinin resistance before it's too late.

What did you learn that you didn't expect?

How easy it is to cross the border between Thailand and Burma!

Read Ed's feature on Mosaic, publishing 25 March 2014.