Contributor corner: Barry J Gibb

Barry J Gibb Each week we preview the next Mosaic piece by introducing you to the contributor.  

Barry J Gibb's odd career began as a molecular biologist and neuroscientist but he succumbed to creative urges and started freelancing as a hybrid filmmaker and writer. After several documentaries for Channel 4 (Life After Coma) and the BIMA Award-winning Routes, he became the Wellcome Trust's Science Multimedia Producer. In 2011, his 30 minute film Until won the Imagine Science Film Festival's Nature People's Choice Award. His book, The Rough Guide to the Brain, is now in its second edition.

Twitter: @barryjamesgibb

What is your film about?

It's about these two big constructs we've collectively invented to lump people into: normality and abnormality. As someone who's rarely felt normal, I was immensely curious about how our perceptions of these things are formed. Oh yes, I also thought it would be fun to try and make a film that structurally mirrored the human brain.

What did you learn that you didn't expect?

That trains are evil.

Watch abNormal by Barry J Gibb on Mosaic, publishing 4 March 2014.