Call for pitches: Digg and Mosaic want you!

Longform-loving websites Digg and Mosaic are joining forces to commission a compelling, long story that will be published on both sites.

Digg is fascinated by internet culture, while Mosaic explores science, medicine and health. So we’re looking for a story from the intersection of these two realms.

Do you have the story for us? If so, send us a pitch of no more than three to four paragraphs to tell us:

  • What’s the story in a nutshell?
  • What are the main questions you’d be exploring?
  • Which places would you go to report it?
  • How would you tell the story?

Please also include a brief bio and links to other narrative-led, longform pieces (3000 words plus) you’ve written. We offer a competitive rate.

Send your pitch to [email protected] no later than 7 August 2015.


About Digg

Every day, Digg finds the best written, most interesting, and most talked-about articles on the Internet and brings them together in one place, so you don’t have to go looking.

While our front page spans a wide variety of topics, from science to television to religion, our original content sits at the intersection of science, human nature, and Internet culture. Digg lives and breathes Internet – how it works, how different people interact with it, how it will shape our future – and our readers do too.

Our original long form content mines that interest, from an investigation into why audio rarely goes viral, to one of our editors’ experience with SMS-based Invisible Girlfriend service, to the experience of being mistakenly targeted by angry people on the Internet.


About Mosaic

Mosaic is all about exploring the science of life. Every Tuesday, we publish a narrative, non-fiction longform feature on an aspect of biology or medicine that affects our lives, our health or our society. We tell stories with real depth about the ideas, trends and people that drive contemporary life sciences.

The topics we cover are diverse: everything from the science of faecal transplants, to the people hacking their nervous systems, to asking why we have blood groups.

We publish under a Creative Commons licence, which means that all of Mosaic’s articles can be republished or distributed free of charge.